Banana, oat and cinnamon protein pancakes

Here comes an old recipe which i never posted until now. The banana, oat and cinnamon protein pancakes. Perfekt in and around training with oats and banana for some delicious PRE workout power. It also works just as good as a post workout recovery meal. 

Recipe notes

Flavdrops - They come in loads of different flavours. Most of them taste absolutely amazing but my go-to is the vanilla flavdrops because it works with any recipe. It will just enhance the flavour of the recipe without overpowering it. 

Click here to find the Flavdrops I used

You can make your own oat flour by grounding normal rolled oats in a mixer or food processor, or you can get the oat flour I use here. Its not a big difference but the homemade ground oats usually doesn't get quite as fine.

And this is the sugar free syrup that was used.

doughnut pancake recipe

The doughnut pancake recipe

doughnut pancake recipe

This healthy doughnut pancake recipe was a result of protein pancake experiments and it turned out absolutely delicious!

It’s quick and easy to make, only contains healthy ingredients which results in amazing macronutrients!

Suitable for both fat loss and muscle growth! Continue reading “The doughnut pancake recipe”