Julius Jiborn progress pics

The pancake body progress

Progress picture
June 2015
Progress picture
July 2015

The first picture is taken June 2015 and the second one is taken late July 2015. Which means there is about one/ one and a half months between the photos.

“Proud but never satisfied!”

The lines are there but a lot sharper in the after pic, and a lot more fluff action going on in the before picture…

Obviously there is some difference in the posture & the level of flexing, but I had no idea at the time that i would make progress posts with these photos so it’s definitely not like I’m trying to look as fat as possible on the before picture, instead i actually try to look as good as I can in both pictures!

I’m going to start posting more physique updates on the blog, so the interested will be able to see my progress & what happens with the pancake diet, haha.

I also need to fill the “fitness blog” section of the website with some content like this. I have many more unfinished posts in the draft that are more informational & stuff which is why I want it to be really good before I post it!

May the gains be with you!