This recipe makes a fruit and nut bread that is absolutely delicious without adding any butter or refined sugar to the ingredients. The fat in this bread comes naturally from the nuts. And the fruit provides sweetness from natural occurring sugars. 


This bread is super tasty to eat just as is. But if you still want to add some toppings I recommend slicing an avocado on top (or maybe guacamole even?). Something else that is amazing is peanut butter and jam on this bread, for an overdose of fruits and nuts!


You can basically use any kind of yoghurtlike product for this recipe. I like to use quark, because of its high protein content. But greek or natural yoghurt works just as well for the consistency of the bread. This along with the fruit is what helps to keep the bread moist. Which is why you can completely leave out the butter.


Now, of course you can use any kind of nuts, seeds and fruits you want. But I do have some favourites that i can recommend since i have been making this bread numerous times in different ways.

Good fruits to add in: Figs, cranberries & apricots. (also good for making the bread look delicious with their different colours)

Good nuts to add in: Almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, cashew nuts & sunflower seeds.