After two failed attempts at making a avocado-brownie-recipe these wonderfully gooey babies popped out of the oven! Third time's the charm right? 

The main ingredients for the recipe include avocado and banana which enables you get amazingly moist brownies without adding any butter or oil! The avocado gives no taste but there is a small hint of banana (which i personally like). If you want to avoid this you can use apple sauce instead for the same moisturising effect but adding less prominent flavour.

Macros for this recipe

Per brownie:

  • 190 kCal
  • 11,3 g carbs
  • 12,5 g protein
  • 9,8 g fat

Entire recipe (makes 6 brownies):

  • 1139 kCal
  • 68 g carbs
  • 75 g protein
  • 59 g fat


Second successful batch, topped with shredded coconut