I just had to share this apple & cinnamon oatmeal recipe. It is a breakfast from my childhood. And I still eat it quite often. Especially when I visit my parents. The only difference is that now I don't put a ton of sugar on top.

If you're a sweet tooth and want all the sweetness but not the sugar, I have several good alternatives:

Shake up a scoop of Impact Whey Protein, maybe with the flavour "Apple Crumble & Custard" (one of my favourites) and pour it on the oatmeal like you would with milk. This also adds a much needed source of protein to this breakfast meal. 

Flavdrops & Sugarfree Syrup are some calorie free options (very tasty if you're accustom to the taste of sweeteners). They come in tons of different flavours like Vanilla or Apple & Cinnamon, which would complement this recipe nicely.