Here is a list of 7 different ways to make your pancakes more fun! And when I say pancakes, I’m talking about the healthy protein kind. The best thing with these pancakes (except for having amazing macros that anyone can fit in their daily meal plan) is that they can be made in so many ways! This shows some of the ways I have tried doing it so far, with many more ways that still only exists in my head…

This recipe is great to have as a base because it has almost no fat and no carbs (you can never completely escape those little carb bastards). Of course you need fat and carbs, but this way you can decide your macros yourself, based on diet or just personal preference. So for example, a few things you can do if you want to incorporate healthy fat in the meal:

  • add 1 whole eggs instead of 3 eggwhites
  • use a cottage cheese with higher fat percentage instead of the low fat one
  • add a topping with healthy fats, like nuts or like my pancake avocado stack (see pic nr. 6)

And some healthy carbs can be achieved by adding oat flour (replacing the fiber husk) to the mix
For some of these pancakes the cottage cheese was replaced by protein powder, this was just to change up the flavour and increase the amount of protein even more. But Usually I like to use the protein (preferably casein) as a pancake sauce instead of in the actual batter.

  • Instructions
  • Start by putting your pan on medium heat
  • Spray the pan with a non-stick cooking spray
  • Mix all ingredients until you get a smooth pancake batter
  • When the pan is hot pour the batter in little puddles
  • Wait for a while util the pancake is getting firm or until you see small bubbles
  • Flip those little guys!
  • Quickly fry on the other side until a nice golden brown color appears
  • Build the pancake stack by layering the pancakes with the toppings

Pancake macros: 137 kCal / 21g protein / 5g carbohydrates / 2g fat