Mushroom Pizza Bites

Here is a recipe for everyone who loves the flavours of pizza but wants a low calorie option. These healthy mushroom pizza bites are also very high in complete proteins, perfect for muscle building purposes, or to prevent muscle breakdown while on a calorie deficit.



Any large mushrooms will work for this recipe, I’m using big common mushrooms which usually isn’t very big. I think Portabello mushrooms will generally be the biggest and best for this recipe.

The cheese I’m using for this recipe is a pretty skinny one with only 12 grams of fat and 31 grams of protein per 100g. It still gives that real cheesy feel and texture which pizzas need even if its not super high in fat.

I also like to add a pinch of parmesan cheese to this to enhance the flavour a bit. You only need a little bit so you get the taste but its so little that it won’t really affect the amount of calories in the recipe.

If you are on a LCHF diet you can obviously go with the full fat cheese.


(4 pieces):

  • 429 kcal
  • 58 grams protein
  • 18 grams carbohydrates
  • 14 grams fat

per piece:

  • 107 kcal
  • 14,5 grams protein
  • 4,5 grams carbs
  • 3,5 grams fat

Banana bread

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Homemade Quest bar

Homemade Quest bar

Homemade Quest bar

When you are out of protein bars, here is how you make your own. Quest bar style!

I finally got my hands on some fiber syrup, which is pretty new here in Sweden. It contains 5% sugar and 70% fiber and it can be used as a replacement for syrup on your pancakes. But the main reason why I got it is because it's supposed to be the key ingredient in Quest bars (next to protein of course).


To make a really good protein bar it is important to have a tasty protein powder! The one i used for these bars is pretty dang delicious, and it comes from tyngre.

Homemade Quest bar

As in any Quest bar, the chunks are crucial! You can basically put any kind of chunks you like inside the bars when you are shaping them. Get creative! I used goji berries for some chewiness & pumpkin seeds for some crunch.



Macros for the bar dough (1 serving):

kCal (237)

Carbohydrates (9g)

Protein (28)

Fat (3)


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