Apple cinnamon oatmeal

I just had to share this apple & cinnamon oatmeal recipe. It is a breakfast from my childhood. And I still eat it quite often. Especially when I visit my parents. The only difference is that now I don't put a ton of sugar on top.

If you're a sweet tooth and want all the sweetness but not the sugar, I have several good alternatives:

Shake up a scoop of Impact Whey Protein, maybe with the flavour "Apple Crumble & Custard" (one of my favourites) and pour it on the oatmeal like you would with milk. This also adds a much needed source of protein to this breakfast meal. 

Flavdrops & Sugarfree Syrup are some calorie free options (very tasty if you're accustom to the taste of sweeteners). They come in tons of different flavours like Vanilla or Apple & Cinnamon, which would complement this recipe nicely. 

Banana, oat and cinnamon protein pancakes

Here comes an old recipe which i never posted until now. The banana, oat and cinnamon protein pancakes. Perfekt in and around training with oats and banana for some delicious PRE workout power. It also works just as good as a post workout recovery meal. 

Recipe notes

Flavdrops - They come in loads of different flavours. Most of them taste absolutely amazing but my go-to is the vanilla flavdrops because it works with any recipe. It will just enhance the flavour of the recipe without overpowering it. 

Click here to find the Flavdrops I used

You can make your own oat flour by grounding normal rolled oats in a mixer or food processor, or you can get the oat flour I use here. Its not a big difference but the homemade ground oats usually doesn't get quite as fine.

And this is the sugar free syrup that was used.

Prosciutto egg muffins

A simpler, tastier and healthier breakfast than these Prosciutto di Parma egg muffins will be hard to find.

The unique flavours of the Parma cheese, the Prosciutto and the thyme all goes very well together. And you can never go wrong with eggs! So simple, yet so delicious!

Sweet potato pancakes / latkes

Potato pancakes, latkes or rösti. There are many names for these potato patties. This recipe includes sweet potatoes, almond flour and more which is a bit different from the traditional approach.

Banana bread

This banana bread recipe makes a “bread” that is really light and fluffy and quite frankly feels and tastes more like a dessert.

Fruit and nut bread

Fruit and nut bread with no butter or sugar added. This recipe makes a bread that is absolutely delicious without adding any butter or refined sugar to the ingredients. The fat in this bread comes naturally from the nuts. And the fruit provides sweetness from natural occurring sugars.

Almond protein pancakes

Here is the recipe for a stack of delicious almond protein pancakes! These pancakes are stuffed with protein and healthy fats and works perfectly as a low carb meal.